Zero Waste Cashel


A Journey Towards Zero Waste

VOICE applied and received a Green Enterprise Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency in 2017 to establish Ireland’s first Towards Zero Waste community in Cashel, Co. Tipperary. 

Residents are on a journey to leave behind unsustainable consumption and waste creation and head towards wise resource use. There are Zero Waste communities all over the globe with best practices emanating from ScotlandSan FranciscoSpain and Italy.

Cashel Zero Waste 068

Instead of trying to figure out which bin our waste should go into, we are asking the residents of Cashel to think about waste prevention instead through various initiatives and personal actions.

Not only does Zero Waste actions help the environment, they also save money through better consumption decisions and through a decrease in waste disposal charges.

Recycling Bins

In one year the community of Cashel have introduced on-street recycling bins, created an online map highlighting the various initiatives and businesses supporting zero waste and have hosted various events highlighting reuse, repair and recycle.

Locals have truly embraced the project and have welcomed positive change. Most businesses in Cashel have also joined the Conscious Cup Campaign, supporting and promoting reusable cups over disposable.

Find out more on the Zero Waste Cashel website.