Aim 1

To raise awareness of plastic free and reusable menstrual items through workshops and a media campaign

Aim 2

To increase the availability of plastic free and reusable menstrual products in Irish retail outlets

Aim 3

To advocate for government support of reusable menstrual products

Aim 1 - Raise Awareness of Reusable Menstrual Items


-A nationwide media campaign, to include both traditional and social media
-A programme of workshops in various venues around the country

Aim 2 - Increase Availability of Reusable Menstrual Items


-We will lobby Irish retailers, such as supermarkets, to encourage them to add more reusables to the range of menstrual items they sell in store.

-Where relevant we will lobby Irish retailers to remove single-use plastic from their own brand menstrual products.

Aim 3 - Advocate for Government Promotion of Reusable Menstrual Products


-Lobby government to remove the luxury product tax from reusable menstrual items

-Ensure plastic free and reusable options are included in the upcoming Period Poverty motion implementation plan

-Lobby to have menstrual items included in the transposition of the Single Use Plastic Directive

-Advocate for the inclusion of reusables in the HSE produced Busy Bodies book on puberty, which is provided to 6th class pupils nationwide

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