We are excited to announce the launch of the Sick of Plastic Awards in 2022 which will celebrate those making the biggest waves in the fight against plastic pollution. These awards will be a unique opportunity to recognize the achievements of community groups, individuals, schools, small businesses and youth activists across Ireland leading the charge on plastic.

Short listed nominees will be chosen by a panel of expert judges and invited to join us and their fellow activists for a night of celebration.


Do you know a volunteer dedicating their time to cleaning up the environment? Or a small business reducing their reliance on plastic?

Are you, or someone you know the environmental champion we’re looking for?

Nominations will open in May 2022 and will close on the 30th Sep 2022.

Sick of Plastics Awards - categories and descriptions: 

Plastic Free Hero:

This award applies to people of all ages who you, the nominator, feel have made an exceptional effort to tackle problematic plastic. This could involve someone who has made changes at a personal or community level to reduce plastic waste or someone who goes above and beyond to remove plastic from their local environment. It could also include someone who independently mobilises others to join the fight against plastic, for example someone who has convinced you or others in their community to make changes to reduce their plastic waste. 

Youth Activist: 

This award applies to any individual aged 14 - 19 who is active in their community in relation to plastic issues. This could include people who actively participate in campaigns to remove or reduce plastic in our environment. This person could campaign against excessive, unnecessary plastic either in their school or local sports club. They could organise and/or conduct environmental cleanups in their community, or mobilise others to do the same. 

Community Action Group:

This award applies to local, volunteer based community action groups. This group could participate in activities such as clean-ups e.g. litter picking in parks/ green spaces/ removing pollution or large items from waterways etc. Additionally this group could be involved in zero plastic/ zero waste initiatives in their local community e.g. educating their town/village/community about how to reduce plastic. 

Small Business Leader: 

This award applies to a small business/ small business leader who has gone above and beyond to achieve zero/waste plastic free business practise. This could include providing zero waste shopping options, reduction of plastic products/ items (e.g. installation of a water fountain with paper cups) and/or education and training around sustainable packaging options. 


This award applies to schools who have demonstrated exceptional effort in reducing plastic in their school and/or local community. This could involve anything from individual actions taken by pupils to reduce plastic packaging in their lunch boxes to making bigger efforts in their local communities to reduce plastic or raise awareness about the negative impacts of single use plastic.

Sick of Plastic Awards

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