Together with Community Foundation Ireland, we are providing community groups with free online training, and resource packs and linking community groups directly with experts.

by Elayna Davis-Mercer

Left to right Na Guang, Stephen Byrne, Lyndsey O'Connell, Mindy O'Brien, Denise Charlton (Chief Executive of the Community Foundation), and Tad Kirakowski (Chief Executive of VOICE Ireland).

Do you need help developing an action plan for your community group?

Together with Community Foundation Ireland, we are giving local groups access to expertise, training and funding to embrace the principles of the circular economy in the work that they do by eliminating waste, encouraging reuse, and regenerating nature!

Members of a community garden in Cork City hard-at-work planting hedgerows

A circular economy is dependent on the commitment of communities that implement circular principles into their short- and long-term plans. This might be as simple as providing a place where people can give new life to old broken items that might typically be considered “waste.”, such as a Repair Café or developing a community garden that produces food for the community.    

We are thrilled to partner with Community Foundation Ireland to bring communities in Ireland the tools that they need to begin their journey to a circular economy.

This partnership with Community Foundation Ireland allows VOICE the opportunity to work with a philanthropic hub that is connected to numerous communities and who has worked with many relevant stakeholders who can help make our goal of a circular economy a reality.

The Community Circular Economy Action Plan brings together resources and expertise to support communities that are trying to shift away from a dependency on waste. Local groups will be supported through online training, resource packs and access to experts who will help them develop a Community Circular Economy Action Plan, which will be supported by grants of up to €2,500.

Minister Ossian Smyth helped us launch this new initative, on World Environment Day

This plan and partnership are a direct representation of the goal we have here at VOICE. We understand that resources must be used continually and wisely instead of the single-use perspective that has become the norm. We understand that the only way a circular economy can be implemented is through the direct participation and inclusion of all communities.  

Chief Executive of VOICE, Tad Kirakowski said, "through the Community Circular Economy Action Plan, VOICE and Community Foundation Ireland have brought together resources and expertise to support communities to take action on waste, move away from the disposable mindset and build the circular economy into the work that they are doing.

We’ve worked with passionate people across Ireland to develop this exciting new programme, which will aim to inspire you to take action and build a more sustainable future."

Tad, with Cormac from Ennis Tidy Towns and Tailored Films shooting videos for this initiative.

This new partnership is just the beginning of an exciting time for us, we cannot wait to continue to work with all stakeholders to bring forth change through awareness, training, and education of sustainable practices.  

Let us help you start your path toward a circular economy!

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