Upgrading Shared bin Experience – improving recycling rates in apartments and MUDs.

This REPAK funded project looked at the often overlooked area of apartment waste segregation and ran the first national pilot on improving waste segregation. The number of people living in apartments is growing, and the number of apartments being built is outpacing housing – so what are we doing with our waste from shared bins?
  • Even in shared bins, recycling should be Clean Dry and Loose.
  • Recycling starts in the kitchen, how do you store and transport your recycling?
  • Do you know which bins are which in the common waste area?  
Across 7 sites around Ireland, we worked with apartment residents to deliver a better waste segregation experience by identifying and trialing methods to overcome the barriers to better recycling, engaging residents with one another, and making sure that recycling was a visible and positive behaviour.

You can read our full report here.

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash