The Programme for Government - Our Shared Future committed to a range of actions that support the transition to a circular economy. In September 2020, the gov published the Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, further cementing the commitment to Ireland’s transition to a circular economy.

One of the first actions to be taken is the development of a high-level, whole of Government Circular Economy Strategy to set a course for Ireland to transition across all sectors and at all levels of Government toward circularity.

A draft Circular Economy Strategy has been written and input is being sought from interested parties, in line with Aarhus guidelines in respect of public engagement.

This is our submission for Ireland's Circular Economy Strategy, written by VOICE's Chief Coordinator Mindy O'Brien.

The closing date for submissions is 5.30pm 11 June 2021

Photo by Feri & Tasos on Unsplash