‘Ditch the Disposables’ is a workshop aimed at post primary school pupils that deals with current and topical issues related to Single Use Plastics, as well as other Single Use Items. The aim of the workshop is to create informed, responsible citizens who are able to think critically and get involved and take action where needed.

‘Ditch the Disposables’ addresses the themes of plastic waste, disposable items and promotes awareness and increases knowledge on this issue in an age appropriate way. The workshop highlights our throw away culture and the impact this has on both environmental pollution and climate change. The workshops equip students with the knowledge and skills that help them, their schools and their wider communities to respond effectively to the growing global need to reduce plastic waste, single use items and increase recycling.

For a community to become sustainable, awareness of environmental issues and potential avenues for change needs to happen across all sectors and population groups in the area. Awareness raising in teenagers is a crucial part of this process. Choice in many of their behaviours begins at this point and the workshops aim to raise awareness of the value factoring in environmental impacts when making consumer decisions.

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