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Previous Campaigns

Feeding the 5,000 Dublin

'Feeding the 5000' is a flagship campaign lead by 'Feed Back Global', a UK organisation that campaigns to shine a light on the global food waste scandal, champion delicious solutions and catalyse the global movement.

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Sustainable Water Network

In 2004, VOICE established the Sustainable Water Network (SWAN) to bring together all water-related organisations to participate in the rollout of the Water Framework Directive.

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Recycling Ambassador Programme

The VOICE Recycling Ambassadors Programme is an initiative to improve Ireland's recycling rates and reduce levels of contamination in household recycling bins.

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Recircle Ireland

VOICE has partnered with the catering company KSG and academics from the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit in UCC to launch Ireland’s first re-usable food container scheme – ReCIRCLE Ireland, at University College Cork. The project has been funded by the UCC Living Lab Fund to bring the ReCIRCLE scheme to Ireland for the very first time.

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Food Waste Education Resource

VOICE has developed a new Food Waste educational resource for the Home Economics junior cycle. This resource has been designed to support the existing curriculum so that food waste awareness and action can be brought into the classroom with ease.

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Zero Waste Cashel

Thanks to the Green Enterprise Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, VOICE was given the opportunity to establish Ireland’s first Towards Zero Waste community in Cashel, Co. Tipperary. The project ran from February 2017 until July 2018.

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No PFAS Chemicals Campaign

McDonalds, Tesco, Supervalu and Bacofoil packaging all failed our tests...

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We Choose Reuse

Together we can create robust reuse systems and enable a truly circular economy.

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Zero Waste Communities

Through our zero waste communities programme we are working with towns and villages to help them reduce their waste!

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Conscious Cup Campaign

The Conscious Cup Campaign was started by a small group of concerned individuals who met through the Zero Waste Ireland Facebook Group. VOICE have been co-supporting this campaign with the Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Management Office since its inception in 2016.

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Dublin #CircleCity

We are increasingly eating and drinking on-the-go, and consequently more and more recyclable packaging, especially plastic drinks bottles and cans, are going to waste.

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Upgrading Shared Bin Experience (USE)

We've carried out the first national pilot on improving waste segregation in shared living spaces.

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