The project is a part of the Sick of Plastic Campaign, a national campaign facilitated by VOICE Ireland and Friends of the Earth. We aim to empower communities to pressure industries and decision-makers. Therefore, we are looking for people like you, the recycle bin champions of Ireland who are sick of the amount of waste coming into their homes.

The application form for the National Recycling Bin Survey is now closed. 

If you have already registered your interest, don’t worry, the deadline for uploading your recycling bin data is the 31st of August (you should have received an email with all the necessary links).

However, we are no longer taking new applications. 

If you missed your chance to take part keep an eye on VOICE socials; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, for other opportunities to get engaged.

The next stage of this campaign will be to analyze our data and publish our upcoming report. This report will highlight the key statistics found by the Survey as well as our recommendations to retail industries, the government, and consumers on how to tackle Ireland’s waste problem.  

We will continue to run campaigns that engage with the public that rely on the passion for a world with less waste. 

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