Menstruation is a healthy part of life experienced by over 50% of the population of Ireland. However, years of shame and taboo surrounding this normal bodily function has led to a lot of confusion when it comes to the range of menstruation products available.

Our dependence on disposable menstruation items has led to stark environmental damage, with tampons, applicators and towels ending up on our beaches and in our oceans.

  • Disposable menstrual items are the 5th most commonly littered product found on our beaches.
  • Menstrual items are a substantial source of single use plastic. Menstrual pads contain up to 90% plastic, and a big-brand pack of 14 menstrual pads contains the same amount of plastic as 5 carrier bags!
  • A person uses between 12,000 and 16,000 menstrual items in their life, making disposable menstrual items a huge source of single-use plastic.

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