Launch of ‘Return for Change’ campaign; (developed by Irish environmental organisation VOICE) for Deposit Refund Scheme to help combat litter and the loss of valuable recycling materials

  • Ireland needs a  robust  Deposit Refund Scheme to reduce litter and increase recycling levels 
  • Deposit Refund Scheme  incentivises  customers  monetarily  to return  containers covered by the Scheme. 
  • International evidence shows that  high-performing  Deposit Refund Schemes  can collect  over 90% of nominated materials for recycling  within two years. 
  • Irish people generate an estimated 3 billion plastic bottles  and half a billion aluminium cans  each year
  • About  1 billion plastic bottles and 1.6 million aluminium cans  end up in landfills/incinerators or littered in our environment  
  • Howth community set to show country how Deposit Refund Scheme works June Bank Holiday Weekend