This year, we have been approached by numerous companies seeking our help in educating their employees on proper recycling and waste management as well as assisting their fledgling Green Committees.

We have been happy to help and have created our new ‘Lunch and Learn’ series.  This year, we have run 17 sessions and have received glowing reports.  Our presentation on recycling and waste prevention actions and helpful hints on how to reduce our waste footprint takes around 25 minutes and we leave another 15 minutes for questions.  This interchange is often the most lively part of the workshop! 

Kate from HubSpot said the following about our workshop:

“Mindy was an excellent speaker, who's experience and compassion shine through and are only outdone by her bubbly and kind personality.  
Getting Mindy to speak at our event started a conversation amongst our employees about Ireland's recycling capabilities and it definitely busted some misleading information floating around!  The different suggestions that she has made to us, we have begun to implement on our journey to becoming a more eco-friendly company.  I would highly recommend any companies looking at running an employee event towards being more environmentally friendly to get Voice Ireland involved.”
“Thanks for your time yesterday, it really kick-started our Environmental Week signalled by the large, engaged attendance. We learnt so much from you, particularly the details and nuances around recycling which are important to understand. The simple message is prevent rather than recycle is an easy one to understand.”

-Rob from Pfizer

 Angelique from ZenDesk added the following:

“Thank you so much Mindy for meeting us and telling us more about how we can improve our sustainable journey inside and outside the office! Your presentation raised lots of interest on how we can all do better for our planet.”  

"Environmental sustainability is at the heart of ourvalues here at Dogpatch Labs. We are looking forward to more collaboration& taking positive action with VOICE working on our environmental practices,educating our community and inspiring our team to recycle. We couldn'trecommend Mindy and her team highly enough!!"


Jennifer Breathnach, Head of Events and Culture atDogpatch Labs

If you are interested in hosting a lunch and learn workshop with us, please email Mindy at