Ireland is at a critical point. We have an opportunity to make Ireland less wasteful. But we need your help !

Tell your local T.D, Senators and Minister Ossian Smyth you want them to support and promote urgent measures to bring about an economy that is circular and not based on the traditional 'throw away' systems, we currently have.

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2. COPY AND PASTE THE EMAIL BELOW AND SEND IT TO YOUR TD's, Senators and Minister Smyth (please feel free to personalise the email)

The Circular Economy Bill is being debated in the Seanad at the moment. We need our representatives to understand how important these measures are so that industry pressure does not dilute the bill.

Dear Deputy

You are a public representative in my constituency. I am sick of plastic and other packaging and I am deeply concerned about the damage being done by single use packaging to my health, to the environment and to the climate.

I am writing to ask you to support and promote urgent measures needed to bring about a truly circular economy, namely:

1. The prompt introduction of a 'latte levy' on single use drinks and food containers, with the aim of reducing litter and waste of resources.

2. Requiring supermarkets over 400 sq. metres to commit 20% of their floor space to reuse and refill options, as they have adopted in France.

3. A ban on plastic packaging on hardy fruit and vegetables, similar to the French law.

4. A ban on single use items such as wipes, free sample size, for example, hotel toiletries, and mono-dose sachets.

5. 0% VAT on reusable menstrual items, as is the case with disposable menstrual items.

6. Financial support for reuse infrastructure.

I am delighted that the Circular Economy Bill will soon be enacted. Urgent action must now be taken to dramatically reduce the amount of single use plastic generated by our economy.

Yours in expectation