As an Irish environmental charity, VOICE is committed to empowering individuals and local communities to take positive action in conserving natural resources. Our work focuses on waste reduction and circular economy, and we push for effective national and local policy development in this area.


But one aspect that's often overlooked in the circular economy conversation is nature restoration. That's why we're proud to support the European Environmental Bureau's call for a strong Nature Restoration Law. This law is urgently needed to tackle the twin crises of biodiversity and climate breakdown, which threaten the very basis of life as we know it.


The EU Nature Restoration Regulation is a unique opportunity to change the course of our environmental destruction and steer toward a safe and resilient future. Restoring nature means restoring our greatest ally in tackling the climate crisis, our own health and wellbeing, and our livelihoods and economies.

The Slow Death of Irish Nature | Cassandra Voices

That's why we're calling on national governments, Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to adopt the Nature Restoration Regulation by the end of 2023. We believe that nature restoration is one of the best investments our society can make, and we need to act now before it's too late.

So please join us in supporting the petition for a strong Nature Restoration Law.

Sign it and show your support for a fully circular economy that includes the principles of a just transition and where resources are used wisely and continually. Together, we can make a difference and bring about a sustainable future.