The newest IPCC Report, released in March 2023, has made it clear that climate change is one of our greatest challenges.

By Stephen Byrne

It requires the collective action of individuals, communities, governments, and the private sector to effectively tackle this global crisis.

One of the key findings of the Report is for an increase in local leadership, particularly among under-represent groups such as women, youth, and low-income households, in advancing equality and achieving climate justice.  

VOICE Ireland, the NGO expert in reducing waste and the circular economy, shares these values.

Our campaigns help local communities take ownership of their sustainable development. One of our campaigns ‘No Plastic. Period’, run by Abi O’Callaghan Platt, has been empowering leadership amongst women and youths by visiting schools and colleges across Cork.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about sustainable alternatives to single-use menstrual products. By educating young people on the full range of reusable menstrual products, the campaign empowers them to make informed decisions and prioritise sustainable choices.

The ‘No Plastic. Period.’ campaign highlights the many benefits of using reusable menstrual products.

These include convenience, saving money and of course, the environmental benefits in reducing our single-use plastic consumption.

The campaign also recognizes that women, especially those in low-income households, are disproportionately affected by the high cost of disposable menstrual products, this is known as period poverty.

This campaign is an excellent example of how VOICE Ireland empowers women and youths to advance climate justice and sustainability. It is essential to continue supporting such initiatives to create a more just and sustainable world for all.


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