Say Goodbye to Disposable Vapes

By Lyndsey O'Connell

We are thrilled to announce a significant win for VOICE, our dedicated members, and all supporters of our campaign to ban disposable vapes in Ireland. This victory is a testament to the power of collective action and the unwavering commitment of everyone who participated in the public consultation.

On Sunday, Julianne Corr from the Sunday Times broke the news that Minister Ossian Smyth has received sufficient assurances from the EU, confirming that legislation banning disposable vapes would not conflict with single market rules. As a result, Ireland is set to implement this crucial ban by the end of 2024.

Ireland joins the ranks of other forward-thinking countries in taking a stand against these wasteful and hazardous items. Belgium and the UK are also on this path, while Australia has already enacted a comprehensive ban on disposable vapes as of January 1st this year, permitting only refillables via prescription.

For over a year, VOICE has tirelessly advocated for a total ban on disposable vapes. We have convened leading health and environmental experts to pressure the government into addressing these harmful products.

Minister Smyth has recognised the severity of the issue, referring to it as a health emergency, and is committed to fast-tracking the ban. He plans to submit his intention to the EU this summer, with the ban expected to be in force by the year's end. According to Julianne's article, the Minister is determined to "push for the fastest route possible."

We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support from our members, supporters, and everyone who contributed to the public consultation. This ban is a significant step towards reducing waste and protecting our environment from the pollution caused by disposable vapes. It is a victory for us all.

Thank you for standing with us and for your continued support.

Together, we are making a difference!!