VOICE picked up the award for Green NGO of the year at the annualGreen awards in Dublin on the 26th of February. The award recognises theextensive work that VOICE has been doing over the last year urginggreener choices with consumers, businesses and policy makers.

We are thrilled to be recognised for our work on waste preventionand recycling. We have been slogging away at this for over 20 years,and now all our efforts are coming to fruition.”

TheGreen Awards are now into their 11th year celebratingsustainability in leadership, innovation and best green practice inIreland. VOICE was in great company with the nominations for thecategory showcasing some of the brilliant organisations active acrossIreland. Previous winners of the Green NGO award include theRediscovery Centre, Irish Green Building Council and Food Cloud.

Sinceforming in 1997 VOICE has aimed to empower individuals andcommunities to take positive actions to conserve our resources andour environment. This award recognised the work done by VOICE overthe last year, including our work with Zero Waste Cashel, Sick ofPlastic (with Friends of the Earth) and the hugely successfulRecycling Ambassadors Programme.

Lookingforward to another busy year we have 3 new projects just launched: NoHome for Plastic Research, Recycling in Apartments and ConsciousConsumption Communities, with many more campaigns on the way over theyear.

Thisaward follows hot on the heels of Zero Waste Cashels’ recognitionlast month at the All Ireland Community and Council Awards. VOICEworks hard to urge greener choices through working with communities,businesses and policy makers. These awards show that we are making adifference.