Over the past year Voice has been running many campaigns but 2 in particular stood out – the award winning Zero Waste Cashel (developed with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Southern Region Waste Management Office) and the national Recycling Ambassador Programme (funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment and the three Regional Waste offices).

VOICE is very proud of the work we achieved with these programmes, building on our nearly 25 years campaigning on waste and waste reduction to help communities engage with their consumption habits. We’ve discussed in previous blogs how Zero Waste Cashel's success was built through engaging with all levels of community; individuals, groups, local businesses, and local authorities.

Over the year of RAP, we managed to engage over 25000 people in face to face discussions on recycling and help to address their concerns about what could and could not go into the household recycling bin. We in VOICE want to ensure that you too can make the changes to your own communities and areas and so we have developed a Zero Waste Community Toolkit based on our experiences in Cashel which will guide you through through the steps and actions taken in achieving that goal.  

Zero Waste Community Toolkit

We’ve published the final results from the Recycling Ambassador programme detailing where we presented and how we managed the scheme:

RAP Final Report Summary

We are of course continuing in our mission to urge greener choices by engaging with communities through projects like No Home for Plastic and Conscious Consumption Communities Programme. And we’re continuing our Corporate membership programme conducting waste audits, and helping businesses address their sustainability needs.