Sick of Plastic brings the spectacular National Geographic Society Planet or Plastic? photographic exhibition to Ireland

We are proud to bring the National Geographic Society’s iconic Planet or Plastic? photographic exhibition to Ireland for the first time, in association with SSE Airtricity.  In the run up to COP26 we have teamed up with principal partner of the crucial gathering of world leaders to address the impact of climate change on our planet; SSEAirtricity to bring this important exhibition to Ireland.


13th Oct - 12th Nov Harbour Plaza, Dún Laoghaire

15th Nov - 13th Dec The Pomenade, Skerries

The exhibition tells the story behind plastic from its invention just over a century ago to its current mass consumption through visual storytelling with multimedia elements including profound images as well as powerful infographics and videos.

This man-made material has revolutionized medicine and eased space travel—it also extends the shelf life of fresh food, allows for the delivery of clean drinking water to those without it, and when used in airbags or helmets, saves lives. Yet, despite its utility and convenience, an exorbitant amount of plastic products are disposed of improperly with some 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste left unrecycled.

Plastic waste has been found in the ocean from the Arctic to the Antarctic and from the surface to the seafloor. Hundreds of species of marine animals have been reported to have ingested or become entangled in it.

It's negatively impacting our ecosystems and resulting in traumatic environmental effects. Through powerful imagery, Planet or Plastic? makes the important case for the need to find a balance between using this material and protecting our environment. Additionally, the exhibition provides actionable steps visitors can take in their lives to responsibly reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse products with single-use plastic.

Planet or Plastic? tours from Belfast, to Dún Laoghaire Harbour and onto Skerries

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