VOICE with UCD nutrition and dietetics lecturer Sarah Browne ran a successful pilot with the transition year students at Belvedere College Dublin. This was funded by the Irish Research Council.

We were doing research on food choice, packaging and food waste in the school setting.

We gathered one days’ worth of waste generated by the students and staff body at Belvedere College. Our trusty team of TY’s donned a hazard suit, PPE and analyzed the contents of recycling and general waste bins.

We noted the kind of waste we found (organic, plastic etc.), nutritional information on packaging and the amount of each category of waste.

Another set of students shot the footage in the above video, explaining what happened during the study.

This study was citizen science at its finest. The students at Belvedere took the reins and by participating were able to see potential solutions to solve any waste related issues we came across.

Thank you to Belvedere College for being so obliging and to the students who took part.


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