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Return for Change (DRS)

The government has published regulations for a Deposit Return Scheme !

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Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme

Local Authorities around Ireland are participating in our Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme.

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Sick of Plastic

Sick of Plastic is a national campaign facilitated by VOICE and Friends of the Earth Ireland. We are working to empower communities to pressure industry and decision makers to take action on single-use plastic.

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National Recycling Bin Survey

The National Recycling Bin Survey is a pioneering project that aims to tackle the issue of packaging waste in Irish households.

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We Choose Reuse

Together we can create robust reuse systems and enable a truly circular economy.

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Zero Waste Communities

Through our zero waste communities programme we are working with towns and villages to help them reduce their waste!

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Picker Pals

INTERESTED IN JOINING PICKER PALS? Places are limited so EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST early for 2023-24. It takes 2 minutes.

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No Plastic. Period.

No Plastic. Period. is an environmental education programme focused on reducing use of disposable menstrual items.

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If you feel passionate about protecting our natural resources and would like to become more involved in creating positive change, please support our work by making a donation.

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