by Aude Lognard.

This is a joyous day for many people who want to declare their love to their significant other with gifts, flowers and chocolates. Unfortunately, our environment pays the price.

The rose bouquet is undoubtedly the most common gift and representative of the Valentine's Day issue. Indeed, roses do not grow in winter and are often imported from southern countries (mainly Kenya). Sprayed with numerous pesticides and chemical products, they are then refrigerated and wrapped in plastic to preserve them. It is estimated that the production of a single rose is equivalent to 5 km by car ! Not to mention the thousands of kilometers it takes to get to our hands.

Isn't there a more responsible way to celebrate Valentine's Day? We put our heads together and came up with a few ideas:

1. A plant instead of a bouquet

Why take a bouquet that will decompose faster than the plastic around it rather than a beautiful plant that will decorate your home for years? If you want to opt for a bouquet try to choose seasonal flowers.

2. A home-made meal

Nothing better than homemade ! Try to use local and seasonal vegetables for your candlelight dinner.  

3. A gateway

Valentine's Day is all about having a good time together. So why not take the opportunity to go somewhere unusual or do an activity together ?

Love is priceless but don’t let it cost the Earth. Let's break-up with plastic.