Picker Pals  is an innovative environmental education programme for primary schools being run by VOICE Ireland.

The programme educates and motivates children, their families, schools and communities around the issue of litter and waste through a fun, educational story world.

One of our happy Picker Pals

The programme delivers books, classroom materials and Picker Packs which contain everything needed for family litter-picking adventures.

They include adult and child picker-uppers, high vis vests, gloves, bags and safety information. Every child in the class receives two books, a Picker Pals storybook and the Picker Pals Funbook.

The Picker Pack itself is an important part of our story, being made from upcycled dinghy sails.

These are kindly donated to us by sailors around the country once they are no longer usable on boats. The material is durable, waterproof and long lasting, making it the perfect solution and we are proud to prevent it going to landfill.

This reuse ties in perfectly with the goals of VOICE Ireland and the Picker Pals programme.

As the end goal for us is for there to be no litter in nature or on our streets, it only made sense for us to use material that is already in existence and give it new life.

The packs are manufactured at the Rediscovery Centre in Dublin providing training and employment to people in the area.

We are always looking for sails so please contact us here.

Sign up your child's school or find out more on the Picker Pals website here