World Refill day is a global public awareness campaign designed to accelerate the transition away from single-use plastic and towards reuse systems.

This campaign has been successfully shared in the UK and is now going global. It’s aim is to reach millions around the world to create change.

It’s time for a refill revolution!

· less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled

· Only 1.9% of the packaging created by the world’s biggest brands is reusable

· 3 in 4 people would like to see more Refill options available

A Message from the Founders:

“Our addiction to single-use plastic is out of control and the pandemic has only made it worse. Every year, we produce more than 300 million tonnes of plastic and half of this is single use, meaning its used once and then thrown away!

This June 16th, choose reuse by downloading the Refill app and getting involved!

To make matters worse, production of plastic is expected to double again over the next 20 years and almost quadruple by 2050! Plastics and the climate crisis are two sides of the same coin. By 2050, plastic production will account for up to 13% of the total remaining carbon budget tipping us over the edge.

We need companies to focus on refillable and reusable systems instead of throwaway packaging. Converting just 20% of plastic packaging into reuse

models is a $10 billion business opportunity that has the potential to save millions of tonnes of single-use plastic. Despite this, reusable packaging represents less than 2% of packaging on the market!

We urgently need to shift from our disposable, single-use culture to a more sustainable, circular future, where we value our resources.”

The Refill App shows locations near you where you can eat, drink and shop without using any single-use packaging.

We encourage you all to join us in this campaign by posting your own content, photos and videos using the app with the hashtag :

#WorldRefillDay on social media!

Additionally, businesses can add themselves to the map to connect with their communities and encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

Happy Refill Day !!!!!