As we face into the last week of this very short election cycle we’ve seen the leaders debating the issues they see as important for the future of the country. However Climate change and the policies we need to address it have seemed to be a relative sideline in the discussions. The EPA, and climate change advisory councils have both published reports outlining that we are on track to fall well short of our targets by 2050.  

From EPA  

This effects us not only in the medium to long term, but in the short term as Ireland begins missing its Greenhouse gas emissions targets and is faced with fines - money that could be better spent supporting circular economy solutions, supporting a move to more sustainable agriculture or energy. Climate change impacts on all of the issues that are being raised in the debates, and we have a framework for addressing them through the Sustainable Development Goals.  

VOICE supports the OneFuture campaign calling for faster fairer climate action. Below they have a number of key asks you can put to the candidates on the doorsteps. You can also get involved in local canvassing or set  up a local canvas in your area!

VOICE will continue to work with community groups, businesses and whoever the next government will be to urge greener choices. We will continue to call for the introduction of a deposit return scheme, a reduction in the packaging waste created in Ireland,  and for better management of our resources in 2020 and beyond. The next government must do more to support re-usables in the food and drinks sector, to encourage re-use through iniativies such as Repair Cafés and real supports for social enterprises attempting to address these issues. Some of this is easily done through clarification of existing regulation, and some will take more time and effort but can benefit communities and our natural environment.  

At the end of the day Politicians will respond to the voices they hear from their constituents, so make sure that your local canvassers all know that the environment is a key issue for you.