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I want to see:

  • Supermarkets reduce the amount of plastic packaging they use.
  • Supermarkets to offer more loose produce at competitive prices.
  • A deposit and return scheme for plastic & glass bottles and cans.
  • A tax on take-away cups & containers, to encourage reusable options.
  • A ban on single-use plastic items like straws and cutlery.
  • Commercial entities to move towards reusable options rather than switching to compostable items, which are still single-use.

Why This? Why Now?

Ireland is the No. 1 plastic producer in Europe.

Much of this plastic is unnecessary and a lion’s share comes from our supermarkets.

Recycling is not enough. We demand that industry turn off the tap on plastic packaging and invest in refill and reuse options in store.

Ireland has the fourth – lowest recycling rate of plastics in the European Union.

What Irish Supermarkets can do:

  1. Offer more items without packaging, such as fruit and vegetables (without plastic trays, wrapping and nets) at competitive prices
  2. Make their own-brand packaging easily reusable, compostable or recyclable, and use less plastic
  3. Demand, through their purchasing power, that other brands they carry have easily reusable, compostable or recyclable packaging, and use less plastic
  4. Blaze a trail in Ireland by implementing a plastic free aisle, as has been done in the Netherlands
  5. Provide items in bulk, where possible, to reduce packaging
  6. Allow shoppers use their own containers to buy dried goods, deli items, salads, fish etc - buying only what they need

What our Government can do:

We must press the Government to adopt an ambitious Single-Use Plastic plan that embraces the circular economy:

  1. Deposit Refund Scheme that includes glass
  2. Move away from compostable options as this still supports a throw-away culture.
  3. Encourage and reward the use of reusable items. There is a better way than throw away.
  4. Set Refill targets for supermarkets: we want 30% refill options in store by 2030.

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