Are you a member of a tidy town group? Litter picking team? Or even a book club?

Ever since recycling and organic waste bins have been added to our waste collection service, the list of what we can and cannot put inside of them has sometimes been amended and changed.

This has led to situations where some of us, with the best will in the world, end up putting the right thing into the wrong bin. We’ve all been there and it can be an incredibly deflating experience to find out we have erred in our attempt to do the right thing. Worse, it can stop some of us from trying altogether and that is an outcome which benefits no-one.

VOICE, with the backing of HSBC, has put together a workshop which outlines exactly what goes into which bin and why. Our facilitators can deliver this workshop in person or over Zoom/Teams to your community group in a relaxed and informal setting where there is no such thing as a silly question. The workshop lasts for 45 – 60 minutes and is so cheap it’s free! To register your interest or to find out more, please e-mail and we will arrange things from there.